Fandom to the rescue!

Posted: December 16, 2015 in Random Thoughts

Okay, so I have officially run the fuck out of traditionally published zombie fiction. At least, traditionally-published zombie fiction that I am prepared to read – as with apocalyptic fiction, there’s an awful lot of people pissing in my splash pool.

And today I was standing in the shower wondering what I was going to do – I mean, I’ve consulted every Top 20/10/100 list I’ve been able to find (and some of those were decidedly not worth the eyeball wear and tear to read, while some that didn’t make the list were brilliant) and even risked my sanity on a couple of random books that came up when I typed ‘zombie books’ into Google. Thanks, Google, my eyes may never forgive you.

And then, the thought. You know who loves zombies? Fandom. Fandom loves zombies. You know what a lot of fans do when they love things? They write fic about it. And there are a lot, and by a lot, I mean A MASSIVE NUMBER, of The Walking Dead fans.

I’ve never actually checked out the TWD section of Archive of Our Own. Turns out it’s nice and full of yummy, yummy fiction. Obviously with more sex which…I mean, I’m not minding that. Zombies and romance? Count me in! Ironically it seems as though a lot of the top rated stories do not actually contain any zombies. Hmm. Bit of a puzzler, but okay…

BTW, did you know that Rick/Daryl seems to be a very popular pairing? In the two pages of fic listings I went through (sorted by number of kudos, because I don’t want to be turned off the whole idea before I get my teeth into some zombie goodness) about 95% of the fics were Daryl/Rick. The top-rated completed fic was actually Daryl/Beth, but I’m puzzled about the lack of Daryl/Carol, which I love. It seems as though if I want some Andrea/Michonne I will have to go find some somewhere else.


Also if anyone is reading this and wants to rec me a good zombie or otherwise apocalyptic series/novel/movie, please do!

  1. I can’t believe that there is a lack of Daryl/Carol, that is such a great pairing for me. How many times do you even see a man and a woman who is older than him being friends? And they could even be in love, how cool is that? Don’t tell me I have to write that myself.
    I can’t help you on the zombie fic front unfortunately. Not my thing. Is there content for “Warm Bodies” and “I Zombie” on AO3?


    • jaggedrain says:

      Sadly, the more popular stories seem to be Daryl/Beth. Now, far be it from me to criticize who other people ship, but I’m kind of disappointed that there isn’t more Daryl/Carol.


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